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1  Believe. Belong. Belize.

    The time has come for the true Bride of Christ to be made manifest in the earth.  In these days of trials stemming from economies that are faltering , violent crime, and abuses of all types, it is reassuring to know God is on the throne and faith in Jesus Christ can provide redemption.  At New Beginnings we believe that Holy Spirit is still involved in the new birth experience and also the impartation of Spiritual  and Ministry Gifts.  We invite you to be a part of what Christ is doing and going to do at New Beginnings




Pray for the country of Belize in Central America.

You'll find a community of believers and a place to belong at New Beginnings church.

Corozal Belize Central America provides some of the most authentic and beautiful backdrops in all of creation for hearing God's Word.